Cultural visits & activities

Weekly cultural activities and visits organized during the program complement the courses in the program and enrich the overall experience of the Summer program.
Activities will highlight different aspects of the French culture and traditions.
The cultural visits provide "the behind the scenes" understanding of the French culture where no tourists would have thought of exploring.
1 cultural visit/activity per week is organized during the program.

Summer events in Paris

14th of July – Bastille Day celebrations
The traditional military parade on the Champs Elysée, the long awaited fireworks at the Eiffel Tower, musical concert at the Champs de Mars, each year this much celebrated French national holiday is “the” event to be at in Paris.

The finish line of the "Tour de France"
Every year, the finishing round of the “Tour de France” cycling race marks the outcome of the most exciting moments of the cycling events in the world and represents a large tribute to this sport viewed by audiences on TV in over 190 countries. You can see this event “live” on the Champs Elysée Avenue.
The final stage of the “Tour de France” rolls down each year on the most beautiful avenue in the world in July and the winner of the” yellow jersey” is awarded after the race is complete.
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Outdoor film festival
Outdoor film festivals are in fashion and have been gradually becoming popular in Paris for the past recent years.
It is a fabulous way to have fun and enjoy the numerous classics, short films and other foreign productions.
It is free of charge or entry fee is not imposed.
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« Fête des Loges » amusement park
For over four centuries, the “Fête des Loges” amusement park is a delight for young and old alike during the summer months!
You must take advantage of more than 200 attractions situated in the beautiful grounds of the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye!
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Paris Plages (Paris Beaches)
Paris transforms into a summer beachside resort along the River Seine.
The promenade alongside the River Seine transforms into beachside resort complete with sandy beaches, deckchairs, ubiquitous ice-cream sellers and small concerts for French and foreign guests.
"Paris Plages" kicks off around mid-July for a duration of four weeks.
You can borrow books free of charge, play beach volleyball, take an aqua gym class in a mini pool or just relax.


« …Summer program really helped me to accomplish everything I hoped for and more. It helped me to grow as a person and even as a professional…. Being able to take amazing courses with brilliant professors definitely helped me to accomplish all my academic goals. Also, the program allowed me to go on cultural excursions/activities and visiting historical sites such as Versailles Palace….
I had an absolute blast meeting new people and bonding with them as well as learning all about French culture and the history surrounding it. »

Shannon Hemmings, University of West Florida,
Summer 2012


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